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The purpose of this congregation is to provide a haven where members can share in a spiritually, culturally, and socially diverse local religious community. We envision a congregation that will be welcoming to all, that values the contributions of each member in shared ministry, and that actively promotes and models individual development of an ethical way of living. We are intentionally intergenerational, and covenant to provide religious education and spiritual growth for children and adults.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pete Stark, Unitarian Universalist Congressperson, Makes the News!

Congressperson Pete Stark of Walnut Creek has made big news by confirming that he does not believe in a supreme being, making him the highest-ranking atheist holding political office. He may also be the highest-ranking Unitarian Universalist holding public office--we haven't had a president since William Howard Taft, I don't think.

The SF Chronicle's "Two Cents" column featured people weighing in on the topic today, and my eye was caught by this response:

Patrice Bennet-Alder, Daly City
If a candidate states being atheist, or Unitarian Universalist, I see that as a plus. Their values and priorities come from their own intellect and conscience, and they have the courage to go up against the Christian majority. I have been Unitarian Universalist all my life.



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